Live Blogging the Conan O’Brian Premiere

  1. Loved the running through the country. Generally impressed with his running prowess, and the commitment to many different actual venues across the country. Excellent.
  2. Nice old school peacock logo
  3. General negatives on keeping the same theme song
  4. Four thumbs down for keeping Max Weinberg
  5. Big ups to Andy Richter being back
  6. Questionable first use of video posing the VP as a racist
  7. Conan as studio tour guide: par. Would have been great as a regular bit, but this is premiere night, and could have had more of a bang. Bus going on the streets was a nice touch, but showing the police escort ruined some of the magic.
  8. First commercial break 25 min in. The tone has been set. Different from Leno, but generally appealing. Hopefully he’s grown out of the over-deprication and puppeteering with his pockets.
  9. I wonder how Letterman is going to react to being bumped as the quirky everyman of prime-late-night, and pushed into the “safer” position.
  10. Hollywoo: nice. Making effective progress toward establishing himself in LA/California.
  11. Taurus bit: no, he is not Leno. It was awesome when Brad Pitt drove it like he stole it about ten years ago. Good to know he still has it.
  12. Ashton Kutcher is a blight upon the image of Nikon. He’s a fantastic over the top pompous jerk on Punk’d. But as a pitchman, he gives me the creeps.
  13. Will Ferrell entrance: nice. Fun, silly, premiere appropriate, and ties in with his movie, kinda.
  14. Nice that the first Conan deprecating comment comes from Will Ferrell and not Conan himself.
  15. “Liza Minelli is a communist. Voting for her is like pissing the American flag.” – It’s nice that Conan didn’t try to squelch it too much. I can just hear Leno or Letterman trying to poo poo that kind of crazy talk.
  16. It’s funny that this is toned-down Will Ferrell on Conan. All his other appearances seemed to be him dressed in a green sequined bikini bottom and acting insane. It’s still quirky and funny, but not as crazy as it has been at times.
  17. It’s a nice touch how they’re using Conan’s hair as part of the show’s branding, but his real hair, not that cartooney dot-eyed charactacture from before. And only from the bridge of the nose up. Again, another subtle “not Leno and his trademark chin”.
  18. Pearl Jam: Stone Gossard? Where were you? Their music has gotten sloppier with time. In Vs. and Ten, there were hummable riffs. Recent albums don’t seem to have anything that showcases instruments and single riffs. But on the Conan angle, it’s a stark and welcomed contrast to Leno’s last musical guest James Taylor.
  19. It’ll be interesting to see how Andy will be integrated into the show in the future. It was nice that he came to talk to Will Ferrell at the end of the show to remind people that he was there. Tonight did, and should have highlighted Conan. Hopefully Andy will be a big player in all the skits. Jimmy Fallon’s integration of  his announcer Steve Higgens is nice, with him being on stage and available for obvious eye contact.

Well, show’s over, so Live Blogging must now end. That to everyone (Ryan Burke!) for their participation.

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